Dispositif pour le maintien de raccords thermosoudables.


The invention relates to a device for holding in place on a tube, during a welding operation and during the consecutive cooling period, a heat-weldable connector which has the shape of half a cylinder and which contains at least one heating element for the purpose of welding on to the tube by a thermal method. This device is characterised in that it comprises a strap (9) which is made of a flexible substance and which is provided at each of its ends with a fastening means (10, 11) making it possible to fix it removably to the said heat-weldable connector (2) by passing around the said tube (3), at least one of the said fastening means including means for altering the distance between the said heat-weldable connector (2) and the corresponding end of the said strap (9). Application to tappings on mains intended for conveying fluid. <IMAGE>




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